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Medical Spa Aurora

Welcome to Canira Cosmetic, your local healing oasis!

Established in 2017, we’re your go-to spa for skin rejuvenation in Aurora. We boast an extensive spectrum of non-invasive beauty services at hard-to-beat prices! Book your appointment today and let us reverse the signs of aging with our revitalizing therapies!

Experience a transformative,

rejuvenating journey!

Canira Cosmetic

Heal and Enliven
Your Skin

Located in lovely Aurora, Canira Cosmetic is a well-established unisex medical spa boasting a comprehensive array of top-tier facial treatments to rejuvenate and enhance what’s already naturally beautiful!

Blending aesthetics with wellness, our goal is to provide the latest skincare treatments to help our customers heal and enliven their skin through premium cosmetic procedures. Before making the transition to the beauty industry, our founder Ms. Ghomashchi spent three decades working in medicine as a licensed nurse. She then merged the two fields to launch Canira, now staffed by a passionate and motivated team with over 20 rich years of experience.

Our facial menu boasts an extensive selection of budget-friendly and non-invasive treatments that will help you unwind while maximizing your skin’s complexion, texture, and tone. Depending on your goals, you can choose from thread lifting, fillers, Botox, mesotherapy treatments and more. We’ve got something for everyone, regardless of your gender, age, or skin colour. Ready to try us out for yourself? Get in touch with our expert beauticians today!

That flawless skin you’ve always dreamed of...

Botox Aurora

Ready for a

revitalizing makeover?

Canira Cosmetic

Non-Surgical Beauty Solutions

At Canira Cosmetic, we offer nothing short of incredible results! We epitomize perfection and precision with our customized approach and discerning eye for detail. Our attentive and iconic practitioners will seek the root of your symptoms rather than just trying to cover them up!

At your initial consultation, we will analyze your skin’s texture to determine the ultimate treatment for you. We use only top-of-the-line, safety-approved products that come with proven, long-lasting effects.

Whatever option you choose, you’ll adore our loving, serene and peaceful setting. We also offer special discounts and gift cards to our repeat customers. Book your session today and embark on a transformative, rejuvenating journey!

Nothing short of incredible!

Medical Spa Aurora

Why Choose Us?

Canira Cosmetis
Exceptional Cosmetic Procedures & Products

Our cutting-edge products and techniques guarantee optimal results!

Canira Cosmetis
Led by a Licensed Nurse

Canira was founded by a licensed nurse with many years’ experience in the field.

Canira Cosmetis
A Safe and Relaxing Haven

Step into a world where the number one priority is your wellness!

Canira Cosmetis
Unbeatable Prices

Experience younger-looking skin at a cost you can afford!

Give Yourself the Gift of Younger, Radiant-Looking Skin

Refresh, rejuvenate and glow with our exclusive face and body treatments! Call us today!

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